Meet Our Team


Kate Jones, SBD Birth and Bereavement Doula®

    My name is Kate Jones, and my journey into motherhood was long and turbulent.  My husband and I conceived and lost four precious babies before carrying our first miraculous son to term.  Twenty months later, we delivered our second precious rainbow baby, a daughter.  Throughout our trials and triumphs, I felt so completely alone.  That is when I discovered StillBirthday Academy, and began looking into becoming a birth and bereavement doula.  I have since completed my training and look forward to coming alongside you during your pregnancy, birth, and beyond.  As a doula, I promise to hold space for you so that you may birth your baby with confidence in a safe and loving environment.  I promise to support and walk alongside you in preparation for and during your birth in any outcome, during any trimester.  You are why I doula.